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Things which need to be done / changed in Uni-d

Towards a more usable gui

We need to be able to specify pages, using a syntax like :

     <database name="IC-trace">
         <table dir="."/>

<user-interface start="main"> <menu> <!-- … parts snipped … --> </menu>

<!-- pages can be defined externally --> <page file=""/> <page dir="pages/*.page/> </user-interface> </uni-d>

  • The pages themselves are described in separate files, and should have a structure as provisionally described in
GuiPageStructure (This way there is no need to include the page description in the dtd).
  • The pages which are now being generated should all generate pages in this format (in a generate subdir to allow
replacing, see GuiCustomTable.html). This makes it easier for users to customize.
  • the description of the object model should allow specifying the default label/caption/help texts to generate more
complete/correct messages_gui.xml file.

Some questions

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