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FScript funtions to access a Uni-d data model.

  • OMObject(table,om) : get a bean object, probably needs init() to be called after this
  • OMSelector(table,om) : get selector bean
  • OMCreate(name,om) : create a new value object instance for the given root table
  • OMProxy(name,om) : create a new proxy object instance for the given root table
  • OMBoolean(value) : get boolean value cfr given object (real boolean)
  • OMTrue : boolean true
  • OMFalse : boolean false
  • OMDate(value) : get a date value from a JJJMMDD string
  • OMTimestamp(value) : get timestamp value from a string (YYYYMMDDHHMM or YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.SSS)
  • OMValue(value,dm) : JNDI lookup for a string in the given data model

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